Our Vision, Mission and Values

G2 Ops’ vision statement recognizes the necessity of skilled workers, innovation, disciplined process-based execution, and excellent customer service as the foundation to developing an international reputation for superior service.

G2 Ops provides services to the federal government and our affiliate company, G2 Ops Global, provides services to commercial clients, city and state governments and colleges and universities.


Our vision is to become the sought after and preferred provider of innovative services in Model Based Systems Engineering, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Data Modeling and Strategic Consulting for Dynamic Environments.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to provide long-term value.  G2 Ops seeks to deliver a standard of service that makes it the preferred choice for organizations that are leaders in their field.

We will achieve this by training and mentoring our workforce to expect and deliver a high standard of service.


These values are central to G2 Ops and have guided it since the founding:

Excellence. G2 Ops will be recognized for its excellence in workforce, services and solutions.

Integrity. In all activities, G2 Ops will display the highest level of integrity. We will develop bonds based on trust and endeavor to maintain that trust with all customers, our employees and industry peers.

Innovation. G2 Ops will continue to promote and reward innovation in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology and be prepared to lead and implement change as the world demands it.

Customer-centered. G2 Ops has as its focal point the requirements and needs of its customers.

Goals and Objectives to Achieve the Vision

G2 Ops has achieved status as a trusted and reliable government contractor. Through innovative solutions, an exceptional workforce, top-tier analytical capability, and a customer-centered focus evident across the government, G2 Ops has established a reputation for service excellence and innovation. It is our intention to expand this reputation across a wider client base.

The six goals of the G2 Ops strategic plan are as follows:

  • Customer Worldview
    • Strengthened Customer View
  • Expertise
    • Increasing Subject Matter Expertise
  • Mission Impact
    • Produce Outstanding, Globally Engaged Employees
  • Public Service
    • Become a Resource in the Local Community for Action
  • Stewardship
    • Effective Stewardship of All Resources
  • Financial Growth
    • Significant Financial Resource Growth


G2 Ops is a proud affiliate of the following professional organizations

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