G2 Ops. A small firm providing big technology solutions.

With roots in military and defense industry communication networks and systems, G2 Ops specializes in visualizing and modeling complex systems to solve problems and optimize networks within their specified environments. Our company boasts a workforce with uncommon expertise in model-based systems engineering (MBSE), cybersecurity architectural analysis and strategic consulting. Our services have proven invaluable to Department of Defense clients and partners, as well as a wide range of public and private sector businesses and organizations, including universities.


We proudly provide services in the following areas:

Model-Based Systems Engineering
Cybersecurity Architectural Analysis
Strategic Consulting

We provide services to both government and commercial clients. Our technology solutions provide cost-effective, long-lasting results. Our mission is to be the preferred resource organizations turn to for quality service.

The world of technology is continually in motion and G2 Ops strives to stay ahead of these changes. We recognize the importance of maintaining our status as a reliable team of experts.

G2 Ops is known as an expert in our field. It is equally important to us to be well-regarded by our clients. We establish a level of trust and integrity between our staff members and our clients, and provide the integrity, trust and results they expect from us.

We will build the valuable reputation of our clients, as we continue to uphold ours.

We are a connection you can trust.