Protecting Critical Assets | Preserving Brand Reputation | Reducing Business Interruption

G2 provides strategic and tactical security services to our clients. Working together, we define and establish a holistic security program, deliver operational guidance, and verify the organization’s security posture. Our proven security expertise leverages Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to model and measure risk and prioritize remediation efforts. Our services currently protect Department of Defense, Higher Education, private businesses, and public sector critical infrastructure.

Our products and services include:

Security Consulting
Security Engineering
DFARS Compliance
Strategy & Planning Architecture & Design DFARS Workshop
Governance, Risk, & Compliance Architecture Assessment DFARS Assessment
Program Maturity Assessment Security MBSE  
Program Development Vulnerability Assessments  
Secure Operations Penetration Testing  
Incident Response    
Crisis Management    

G2 Ops is committed to providing our clients with actionable intelligence for improving their security strategy and reducing their risk for financial loss, brand damage, and business interruption.  

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