Our clients consider G2 Ops a valuable source for critical information and a resource for solving complex problems at the bureaucratic, technical and processing levels of daily operations. We have the proven ability to assist our clients in focusing strategically on the issue at hand, while never losing sight of the organization's overall mission. 

G2 Ops products and services include:

  • Providing a model of operation that meets the organization’s specific needs
  • Expanding brand recognition, organizational influence and reach to new demographics
  • Conducting social media audits to encourage organizations to promote both image and product via an online medium
  • Developing innovative curricula for both new and existing offerings or capabilities
  • Modeling successful navigation through the acquisition framework
  • Integrating online education into existing academic delivery profile

We Offer

  • Planning for Growth
  • Demographic Media Targeting
  • Focused Data Mining
  • Optimizing Social Media Utilization
  • The Science of Financial Aid
  • Liaison and Accreditation/ Reaffirmation Process Planning
  • Comprehensive Marketing Execution
  • Effective Use of Layered Approaches
  • Prioritizing Marketing Investments
  • Expanding Brand Recognition
  • Tracking Marketing ROI
  • VC Targeting
  • Business Plan Development and Execution
  • Public Bond Planning and Execution
  • Effective Use of Adjuncts and Student Labor
  • Information Technology
  • Online/Distance Education Planning
  • Mission Essential/Critical Infrastructure Planning
  • Continuity of Operations

Let G2 Ops identify the highest value cyber security solutions for your systems and networks. 

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